When Life Gave Me Lemons

Hello there my fellow bloggers 😉 It’s Sama-Chan here tonight with another blog, here for your entertainment and to perhaps make your day.

Today I am talking about the hardships of my life. I give you permission to skip over any of my whining parts, fore they may appear often.

Let’s begin, shall we?

The game of life…. No, not the board game, I’m talking about reality. The object of the game is to leave with the most fame or fortune, but to me, it’s to leave Earth with the most honor and things achieved. Life isn’t complete until you’ve changed it, and it will always remain the place of horrors and fears until you do. Obviously, i haven’t yet done that.


We all know the saying,

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade

Which is pretty much telling us that something always comes out of the bad things in life. I believe that’s false. Remember that teacher that always hated you and would do ANYTHING just to make you fail that class? Yes, that teacher might still be trying to throw those lemons. But what do you do when you have too many lemons? That’d be too much lemonade to drink in a lifetime. My opinion- Throw the freaking lemons back! Sometimes, that mean teacher will keep throwing lemons. She/he may not realize she/he is hurting you until you take one of those lemons and smack them upside the head with them. That’s how life works! Once they realize they’re mistakes, they can improve. The same goes to us. We need to learn as much as we can so we can educate those who aren’t as smart.

Do you get my point yet?

I hope so… My blogs always seem somewhat complicated in one way or another

Back to the point,

We as humans have the right to correct each other. It doesn’t matter if the problem is a 89 year-old women and you’re only 5. We have our rights! Just let them know, “Like, not cool bro.” And try to get them to change their problem in a friendly way. Besides, if you don’t fix it then it will only get worse for the people who meet that person. Be a hero today!


Thanks guys!


Society These Days…

Good evening, fellow bloggers! Today I’m going to be discussing society these days.

Looking back on all those years, the world was a great place (child-raising-wise). Parents knew how to raise their children the right way, creating them into people we know today as Steve Jobs and Ann Frank… And then, there’s just… those people… The ones who we label as “The people with ‘issues'”. By issues, i mean character traits that a person doesn’t want to have. Examples: Charlie Sheen, Justin Bieber, Lindsey Lohan, and too many more to count.

Parents today don’t know how to raise a child! A few minutes ago i heard a story on the news about a lady who gave birth at a bus stop. Really!? C’mon America, we’re just messing up the entire planet! Our weirdness has spread globally! Now we have One Dirrection, a group of guys who think they’re too cool for everyone else. The sad thing is, the girls who fall in love with them completely ignore the fact that none of them can keep a relationship going for more than 2 months. That’s sad! They single their lives out to them, although, they never get straight that any of the guys from 1D will most likely never TRUELY love them. Ever. Period. No explaination needed.

Thinking more about children who are majorly messed up, I’m just going to add Rebecca Black to the list.

How was your Friday?

So hopefully, you get my point, which is,


Our country is being filled with people who are ruining the lives of others. Those 1D fans might not ever get a job because instead of studying, they were listening to their music. Do you want our that to happen to us? Buisnesses will close due to lack of employees (in an absolutely drastic case)! Life will fall into dispare! We could DIE because of a British boy-band distracting us from the really important things in life.

Do us all a favor,

  • Go to college.
  • Stop listening to One Dirrection.
  • Get smarter.
  • Have friends.
  • Get a good job.
  • Make a well income.

Make America less stupid today!




Hopeless (the story of a girl whose life was torn apart)

Hey there, guys. Today i am writing a very serious and true story.

Once, there was a girl who had everything. Parents who loved her, a nice house, some pets, and two brothers. They all lived together under the same roof in Washington state. She was unaware that one day, she would lose it all.

One day, her parents got into a fight. Not a small one, but a fight that would change that little girl’s life forever. The next morning, at 6:30 am, that girl’s mom packed up her and her brothers’ stuff and they moved far, far away. All the way to Pennsylvania.

Her mom lost her job. Her income was lost. They had no money, so, they decided to rent a cheep apartment.

Just as life seemed to turn for the worst, they moved back to Washington. But it didn’t work out… They ended up going back to P.A.

Her mom lost her job and her income again. They went back to the same, dumpy apartment. The building where drug-addicts live. The one where there are no happily-ever-afters. That’s when that girl met me, her new best friend.

The girl grew… And so did her body. She grew insecure, and was called fat. Her brother beat her up and destroyed her phone. Her mom abused her. Her dad was never around to see her. She was bullied. The people she thought she knew and loved turned around and betrayed her, but, she’s still friends with them because she has nobody else to turn to.

Nobody called her beautiful. Not a single guy had a crush on her. They just called her fat and laughed as her sickly brother beat her up.

Her life was destroyed.

Although she got birthday money, her mom used it all on unpayed bills and cigarettes. The girl gained weight and she cried, every single night.

That girl also happens to be my best friend. Her name is Madison.

I want to help, i just want her to stop being in pain, but the pain won’t go away.
I feel there’s nothing i can do.
I feel terrible.
I want to help…
But my words of wisdom don’t seem to help.

She’s in counseling: It does nothing.
She told me this when i was talking to her:

“I don’t cry because I’m an emo, a wimp, or a goth. I cry because I want and need to see a change, and soon.”

Please help… If you support her please reshare the blog… It would mean so much. Thank you.


Ode to Odie (a story of the best friendship between a girl and her cat)

Today, the worse has happened.

My best companion, my cat, has been hit by a car. He was found on the side of the highway…

Ive been crying for hours, my eyes swelled, in public, my bedroom, in the shower and into my mother’s arms…

My cat, Odie, was most recognisable for the bell on his collar that jingled and twinkled when he ran. His gray fur, sleek and soft, coated his body while a patch of white fur was found under his chin… Not only was he very people friendly, but he seemed to be the bravest little cat ive known so far.

He has never been afraid of much, besides lightning, of course. His adventurousness took him from an indoor to an outdoor cat. Keeping away the deer, moles, squirells and mice was his job, along with greeting the family and making us smile. He kept me a warm smile. A hug from his lean, fluffy body stayed with me for hours. No matter what, he always appeared…. excited, like every day was another adventure outside.

Every week he seemed to spend more and more time outside, to the point where he would be outside for 24+ hours. He went very far, as well. Of course, he was an explorer, so that was what he loved to do along with befriending the animals outside 🙂

One evening, i was in my room when i heard a scream. When i ran downstairs, i saw a long garden snake, slowly making its way to the kitchen while everybody hit panic mode. Not Odie, he playfully batted the snake until we eventually got it outside. He seemed to make tons of friends, introducing them to us numerous times, but the garden snake was the most memorable.

On halloween night, this week, our cat managed to get outside. He was quite the escape artist since we had been trying to keep him inside. That was the last time i saw my precious companion, fore two days later he would be laying lifeless on the edge of the highway.

This blog goes to my cat, whom even though ive only known for 1 1/2 years, the experiance with him was fun, happy, and sad, yet i will never forget the one thing that could always make me happy with his jingle bell and his faithful trust in me, myself.

Rest In Peace, Odie… You will always be remembered 🙂


I Live For Tea

Hello there fellow bloggers! It’s Sama~Chan again here with another blog for today 🙂

To me, nothing saves the day more than a warm cup of herbal tea. The fact that not only does it warm the back of your throat, but it just seems to melt away any missery that has overcome you previously.

So you can probably tell, i LIVE for my herbal tea, which, in fact, shouldnt be too much of a bad thing due to my bitter temper.

The only thing i have against tea is that i have to boil water. If you know me, then you most likely know about my fear of burners. I cant trust myself around fire, especially since there are wooden cupboards surrounding the stove at every angle.  :/

Im considering a Keurig. (did i spell it right?)

So, take my word of advice on days when you need it.

Make yourself some herbal tea (it helps)!


Hurricane Sandy has come to ruin my Autumn


Hello there fellow bloggers. It’s Sama~Chan here with a blog. The picture above is curtosy of dailynews.com

There are only two things that I like about Autumn at all. The pretty, colorful leaves, slowly drifting off into the pink sunset and a calm evening, and halloween, the day i can practice my makeup skills in another direction, but just last week i heard about something big… And her name was Sandy…

Right now, my Autumn is completely RUINED because of Sandy. All of the leaves are being plucked right off the tree by the 70mph winds, and carried away to God-knows-where and i can’t even enjoy them. By tommorow, they’ll be scattered all over the sidewalks, wilted.

I need to think up plan B for what was supposed to be a scary makeup throwdown since it’s all flooded out.

Its rainy, muddy, wet, and gloomy. The sky is gray and the birds have flown off to hibernation… And people wonder why I hate Autumn so much…

At least i have my cats and my polymere clay. That should keep me busy for 5+ months… tell me when it gets warm again

Until next time,